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No icy lunch for Winter Storm Oliver

Here in the Midwest, Winter Storm Oliver is dumping rain and ice all over the place.  Only one county from the KC Metro area, we are dealing with rain and temperatures hovering about the freezing mark.  Lunch can so often be a quick grab from the refrigerator, but today I wanted something different and warm.

I had left over country ribs and thought there just had to be a solution.  My husband likes cooked cabbage, but not necessarily cold slaw.  Most leftover pork has a way of being coupled with cold slaw and that just did not seem like a good match for today.

A quick check on line, and I decided that I could create a pork and cabbage dish for lunch that would have good flavor.  Therefore, off to the refrigerator.


Using about 1-1 1/2 leftover country rib, I started warming it with a little water and about 1 tsp. of non-MSG chicken bouillon from the Tipton, MO, Dutch Bakery I keep on hand.

Then I sliced up the leftover cabbage, and laid it on top to steam.  (The photo is before steaming.)

For extra seasoning, I used about 1 tsp. of rice vinegar, then about 1/2 tsp. of KC Veggie seasoning that I found at the Rivermarket in KC, plus about 1/2 tsp of veggie pepper that I  also keep on hand from the Dutch Bakery in Tipton, MO.  Finally, a little salt to taste after it is dished up.

I have to admit I would have added some celery seed, but I am out right now.  Whenever I cook cabbage or make cold slaw, I like to add celery seed.  I think it adds so much flavor.

My husband liked it and it was very filling.  I think it could have been done as a chicken-broth based soup, too, but this kept the need for crackers off the menu.  Eating healthy means thinking about things like that, too.

Lunch is over, but the rain and likely icing event is not.  I think I will have chili tonight, but I still have an hour or two before I want to get it on the stove.  These winter weather days certainly finds me looking for comfort foods and new ideas to perk up the days.  This dish turned out to be very simple and very warming.


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Sunshine & Home Cooking

Today was filled with sunshine.  Despite all the negatives that fills the TV news and social media, nothing can soothe one as much as sunshine.

Actually sunshine does not soothe as much as it energizes.  I would suggest that if all of us remembered the rule of thumb of 30 minutes out doors, we would be much healthier–physically and mentally.

Of course there is no doubt that home cooking versus fast food or even restaurant cuisine has additional value.  Tonight’s craving for fresh salmon lead to one of those comfort food meals:  baked salmon, wilted spinach, and homemade mac & cheese.

Fixing wilted spinach is almost magical.  Creating a dressing with chopped bacon, basaltic vinegar, olive oil, and a little sugar is not difficult, but figuring out how much spinach to use is a challenge.  I dumped all but about a cup of baby spinach into the skillet and started tossing. . .


I could hardly keep it in the skillet so steamed it a tiny bit before finishing.  The final meal looked like this:


So tonight we feasted; first on sunshine and then on the home cooked supper.  The meal took only 30 minutes from start to finish to prepare, but it certainly is full of the comfort foods we all need to battle the winter blahs.

I trust that in the midst of all the insanity of our world, that we remember that sunshine and home cooked meals may serve as some of the best medicine we all need.  Take a few minutes outside whenever you can, and take a few minutes in the kitchen.  Your life can fend off some of the worst illnesses.

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