Opening thoughts

Stepping into a new world through a blog is not easy. The world is so large and I am just one individual with a lot on my mind. I find there are times when I just want to talk to someone concerning any range of topics. This will be an opportunity for me to begin sharing thoughts.

For instance, today the sunshine was so welcome, but the clouds started creeping in again. Here in Missouri the old saying is that if you don’t like the weather, just wait around about 15 minutes and you will have another style of weather. I am ready for spring, for sunshine, for dry yards that the girls (our two puppies) can romp and play in all day, and for the early signs of rebirth: jonquils, tulips, budding trees, and even the peepers singing in the bog areas.

Winter can be such a challenge, but we also know that we live in a world filled with cycles. Growing up on a farm, the seasons provided a rhythm of life. I love the spring, the summer, and the fall, but as November dawns and the leaves are gone, I struggle with the winter. Winter has no color. I live for the first signs of color in the spring. I listen for the peepers. I smell the breeze for signs of rain or the first lawn mowing.

The seasons of the year constantly remind me that we, too, have our own seasons. I am mentally in the late spring, but the chronological truth is that I am in late summer. That is not a concern, it a statement of honesty. My life changes periodically, and each change brings new challenges. Usually the challenges are exciting and cause me to grow. Maybe each human season is really a new spring.

So today, I join the web and begin a new season–a spring. I hope that my thoughts will find warm, soft, black dirt to grow many more ideas during this spring.

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