In my work world of education, Monday comes in with all kinds of excitement. Students this Monday had not seen each other for four days since we had had two snow days last week. Four days of not seeing each other sure does make teaching tough. Each student has a new story to share. Each student has to check in with every other student. There has to be a head count of sorts. Each student seems to have to make their own attendance check. Getting back to classes and trying to earn those grades does not mean a thing to them until all the connections are made again.

In the meantime, as a teacher, I have to find ways to get the students back into the school routine. It is not an easy task, but Mondays are always exciting. There is a sense of family that returns to our program. There is a sense of relief when all are accounted for. There is hope that since they showed up again, they will be able to graduate. The program is for at-risk students. It is a job many think would be difficult, but it is one I find challenging and exciting. Every one of these students is so important and show so much potential.

Mondays may be menacing, but they can be magical, too. Hopefully tomorrow, a Tuesday, we will be able to focus better. We will have three days to really get them working before it is Friday which is then a day of planning for the weekend and saying good bye until next Monday. There is a rhythm to the weeks, the week create the academic quarters, and the goal is graduation. Whew! The year is going so quickly.

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