Sharing in Prayer

I had a very special occasion this week.  I had the opportunity to sit with a friend as she went through four hours of interviews with the Board of Ordained Ministry.  During those hours I felt honored that I could be there to pray and to support my friend.

Sometimes we forget that prayer is more than just a formal supplication to God in a very structured manner.  Prayer can be so much.  For me on Tuesday, prayer became presence.  Prayer became conversation.  Prayer included supplication.  Prayer included reading words which surrounded me in the Celebration Center.

As I sat on the friendly bench located in the entrance way, I found prayer can find me.  I know that I came with a purpose–to pray for my friend–but I also found prayer had a way of coming to me.  The peace that prayer can provide one’s soul is so warming, so joyful, and so personal.

My friend’s morning was challenging, but I am so glad to know that she managed the interviews successfully.  We left the center and departed with smiles.  She now moves into a probationary status and continue in her pursuit of the ministry.  I was so gifted to share prayers for her and with her during this process.

My journey will continue on a much different path at a much different speed, but I know that sharing in prayer may be for someone else yet it also is for one’s self., too.  Prayer is conversation with God.  I may not be as structured as I feel I should be, but I share with prayer and God shares with me.

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