April Dawn

I was able to have an early morning walk today.  There is absolutely nothing like it in the world–spring at day break.  We hooked up the dogs and off we went.  The cool of the morning did not seem to effect us as we watched the sun shine through the light fog.  As we reached the lake, we saw the baby gosling and watched as the four adults circled around it and swam away in the steam rising from the lake.

We have so much fun watching as our labradoodle does the deer dance.  She smells them and then begins this weaving and bobbing and hopping around at the very last inch of her leash.  She never barks.  She never becomes unruly, she just dances.  The chocolate lab just keeps her nose to the ground and keeps her pace.  She could care less about the deer–unless she sees them.

Our walk continues as we see the ducks and the other geese swimming around leaving a small wake in their path.  We listen to the birds and spot the cardinals flitting through the wooded areas in front of the green cedars.  How could anyone not love this earth at these times!  How could people leave trash lying around!  How can they cut down the trees, run over the flowers, make ruts in the grass!  It is so wonderful to see spring like this.

But we still had the second lake to reach.  As we crossed the road and made it to the bank of the lake, the chocolate lab was ready to go.  We kept her out of the water until the opening, but in a flash she was in.  She loves to swim and run the shore.  She goes in and out, in and out of the water.  Suddenly we heard the geese.  Two were honking loud and clear as they came in for a landing.  The girls saw them; quickly I unhooked her leash and off she went.  She knew they were there, but she just could not see them or tell where they were.  She came out, they would honk, and she would jump back in.  Finally she was ready to take off running, so we leashed her up and headed back.

There can be no better medicine for tired souls in this busy world than an April Dawn.  I love it!  I just wish I could have these moments every day, but the work world sets in and all must return to the business of the day.  Never fear, though, I will be back.  I will be back out there in the early dawn, smelling the grass, the ponds, the flowers, and all.  I will be back to thank God for letting me have these wonderful experiences in this nature-filled world.  April Dawn is pure gold.

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