Summer Thoughts

I am absolutely astonished that the summer months are zipping past.  June is over and July well on the way.  I always think that summer will give me so much time to just catch up, but not so.  I tend to book way too much into the summer and then get frustrated when I cannot get it all done.  Here it is a Monday and I have already created a to do list for the entire week.

And what am I doing–procrastinating!  I have to get so much done in the small pieces of the day that I have and I just do not want to do it.  Why can’t I reach a point of just enjoying a day and doing whatever I just happen into?  I admire those who really do seem to just float through their days and still get so much done.  I can’t float, I flounder if I do not have a plan.  Then when I get a plan, I tighten up thinking how do I get it all done.

I would appreciate some new ideas of how to let go of the need to get everything done just so and in just so much time.  Procrastinating is one of my finest traits and Mom used to hassle me all the time about it.  Now I hear her still scolding me in my mind–a mother’s guilt is quite formidable tool.

Well, it is a hot summer morning.  We have already had our morning walk, started the laundry, updated the calendar, had breakfast. soaking the hummingbird cleaners, and my basic morning routine are nos done.  I think I will finish my hair and then really try to move into an active, proactive, mode.  I must leave procrastination and get the to do list started.

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