Political Ads Need Rewriting!

I am so frustrated with political advertising.  The primary elections are over, but I have been appalled at the negative political campaigns.

There is absolutely nothing to gain in mudslinging!

There is nothing to show how capable an individual is to hold public office by blasting the opponent.

There is no positive image of an individual when a candidate lists all the negative party connections or business relationships of the opponent.

There is no way any one candidate can be responsible for the decision of the entire government structure.  It just is not possible, so don’t promise it in the ads.

There is no value in showing your temper or negative behaviors in your ads.

I have to applaud one individual in the Kansas City area–Yoder.  His ads did not do any mudslinging, labeling, name-calling or anything.  All I saw, and I am in Missouri, was the ad that said, “I am Yoder, and I want your vote.  Vote for Yoder.  Be a Yoder voter.”

Right now the campaign in Missouri is turning nasty.  Get over it.  Do not attack the opponent, simply use the campaign and the ads to let voters know who you are be and what you HOPE to do IF you can succeed working with the others in Congress.  Do not try to attach our current economic or national problems to your opponents relationships.  You know darn good and well that any decision is made with compromise by many in the chambers of Congress.

Stand up for your own beliefs and remember you are simply part of the process, you are not in charge of it and cannot make promises : “I will not let taxes go up.”  or  “I will not let government tell us what to do.”  You are asking voters for the opportunity to participate in the process, and it is NOT possible to do anything singularly–it takes a majority or in some cases 2/3 or 3/4 vote to get anything done in Congress and then there are still two other branches of government to complete the process–executive and judicial!

I sure do wish you could begin rewriting government by rewriting your campaign ads.

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