Enough is enough

I admit it.  I have just finished watching the Super Bowl and the fact that the Green Bay Packers have now won seven of the 45 Super Bowls is spectacular.

But, enough is enough.

Stop and quickly think about all the money wrapped up in the Super Bowl.  If money talks, then the Super Bowl speaks volumes about American priorities.

As the economy continues to battle back, education is once again looking at cuts.  Education has fallen off the American priority spectrum.

Enough is enough.

Money should speak for education not for all the hype, the advertising, the inflated salaries, and even the stadium’s ice removal cost.  If Americans really valued education, turn the sports events into fund-raisers for education.

Enough is enough.

Let money speak.  Put the priority back in education.  Put the money back in education now.

Enough is enough.


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