Enough is enough–star gazing

Enough is enough . . .

When will our society get priorities in place?  Have we not heard enough about all the stars and their addictions and their illegal, unethical behaviors?  How come major national news often begins with the latest Hollywood hype?

Enough is enough.

Certainly the Hollywood stars are public figures.  But when the public figures make human mistakes or decide to follow illegal urges, we do not need to hear about it for minutes upon minutes, days on end, or even months or years on end.

Enough is enough.

Please, no more Lindsey Lohan features.  No more Charlie Sheen reports.  No more stories on the paparazzi and the latest run in with other stars/public figures.

Enough is enough.

One last appeal.  I know that Prince William and Fiance Kate are special, unique public figures; but they are English.  They are young.  They need some space.  Stop showing the latest rumor or latest announcement about the wedding.  Their news does not have to be the lead news on American stations.

Enough is enough.

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