Enough is enough . . . quality products

Enough is enough!

When did it become acceptable for corporations to allow their product to leave the plant below the standards the consumers have come to expect?

Enough is enough.

The American standards for excellence are lost.  The breaking point this week was toilet paper.  I realize many would not see this as a product to become disillusioned over, but my name brand selection of a product promising to be good for sensitive skin–lotion soft, with aloe–failed to meet the quality standards I depend on.

Enough is enough.

When the paper rolled off the roll, the two-plys become separated and did not tear off at the same place at the same time.  I cannot tell you how many times I tried re-rolling the paper in an effort to make the two separate plys tear off as one square of 2-ply paper.

Enough is enough.

Consumers sit back and complain to friends and family about the poor quality of products.  Name a popular name-brand and someone in the room will have a complaint about the quality of one of that company’s products.  We have become complacent.  We have allowed corporate America to cut corners, purchase poor ingredients, cheapen the product which helped them build their status as an American company with quality, American-made goods.

Enough is enough.

The solution seems evasive, but as consumers we need to stand up and tell corporate America we expect more.  We expect the quality of the products to be the same as the historical quality that made that company a household name.  We need to register our complaints.  We need to contact the customer service representatives with our experiences.

Enough is enough.

Consumers, stand up and join the cry.  Enough is enough of poor quality, poor standards, poor workmanship, and hollow guarantees.  When we but a name-brand product we have a right to expect the quality product the company historically provided since its origin.

Enough is enough.

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