Enough is enough . . . firing and still paying off the contract

Enough is enough!

How can any organization fire an employee and then pay off the salary.  How can anybody justify firing a coach from a college program and then pay $6 million dollars to finish the deal?

In any other profession or job, firing means immediate loss of income.  Sometimes there is a severance package; but when the reason for firing is failure to perform successfully, how can anyone justify paying such an exorbitant fee to end the relationship.

Enough is enough.

Then, as if college football were not enough, professional football follows the same practice.

The coach fails–not just one season, but more than one season?  Before you know it–or finally, the coach is fired.  Now failing to produce in any business is a reason to fire someone, but why such an exorbitant severance package.  What message is this sending our young people!

Enough is enough.

If we are living in a society that supports such extravagant severance packages, then the practice needs to be revamped to include the typical blue collar workers as well as white collar workers.

Failure in any job leads to job loss.  But in a society that prides itself in valuing each human being, why are only a select few allowed to be fired and paid for being fired?  What happens to those who end up being ‘riffed’ (reduction in force) when the economy fails?

Enough is enough.

All professions should review their policies on firing and paying severance.  Remember–economic times are tough.  Remember–the generations to come are watching.  Remember–each individual deserves fair play.  Remember–failure is failure at any level of employment.

Enough is enough.

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