Time for updating Snicker’s Doodles

Maybe you noticed a change in my post.  I am going to phase in the change from Snicker’s Doodles, originally Snickerdoodles, to a less anonymous image and use Susandoodles.  I am entering the world of Twitter under that name, so it only makes sense that I match with the blog.

Thank each of you for following me.  I find myself becoming more confident with each blog and am shifting to add more of the multitude of thoughts running rampant in my brain.  My role as a licensed local Methodist pastor is only one facet of who I am, so the additional topics will share a little more of who I am.

Cooking is fun and sense retiring from teaching, I am finding that I am more inventive in cooking.  Growing up as a midwestern farm girl, I learned to cook through 4-H and with the supplies from our garden and the cattle Dad raised.  My world has greatly expanded and sense retiring, I have discovered how healthier diet is really connected to taste.  I try to make subtle changes that make food healthier and tastier.

I also enjoy knitting, and that activity lets my brain run unchecked.  As I knit, I think and there are so many random thoughts to share.  I also use that time to pray and have realized that the knitting really is “knitting prayers.”  Do not be surprised if future blogs spin out of the knit and purl stitches from my needles.

As I mentioned a bit ago, I retired from teaching.  My teaching credentials include lifetime certificate in language arts and journalism (my first degree is journalism from MU).  During my professional career, I taught English and journalism but ended up specializing in  dyslexia after being trained in the Orton-Gillingham methods.  As my experience evolved, I shifted to alternative education and stepped away from traditional textbooks.  My curriculum focused on multi-sensory, multiple intelligence, and real-life teaching.

Maybe the evolution of my teaching can be contributed to my personal learning style which I have learned is lateral or also known as “out of the box” thinking.  I, too, am dyslexic and in all likelihood, attention deficit and hyperactive.  Learning is exciting even though challenging.  I refuse to believe that just because a student can be challenged in learning, there is no reason that each student cannot learn.  For sure, I turned my own experience into a passion for teaching others how to learn.  Therefore, some blog entries may be passionate entreaties on education.

During the final years in alternative education, I added teaching social studies to my repertoire.  During my MU experience, I discovered constitutional history and journalism law.  I never would have considered a law degree, but I became interested in how the legal system work.  Add to that my personal love of reading historical novels.  This has created a foundation for my opinions on our country’s history and government. Even though I may not be a trained political scientist, I am educated and part of the American culture.  There are a variety of topics that are leading to blogs along these topics, too.

Naturally I could continue explaining who I am and my areas of interest, but I should consider the reader.  Please stick with me and let the blogging begin.  Let me hear from you and share these ideas with others.  We live in a world that is open to ideas and the geographic boundaries are being erased.  Thank you for understanding the shift in the blog title and I hope the connection established as “snickerdoodles” continues.


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