2018 Snow’Easter

Yesterday was Easter Sunday.  One’s focus was on the story of the resurrection, but the reality of the day was the weather.  After the East Coast had experienced three Nor’easters during March, the weather that included plunging temperatures and snow/ice captured our attention here in Central Missouri.

After getting home from Easter services and the family late lunch, we closed the garage door to precipitation.  In no time, the wet rain drops turned to sleet–no grauple.  It poured grauple and the yard turned white with green.  I could not resist coining the term that had been whispered from the weather people as the “Snow’Easter” hit.  And I grabbed my phone to record. . .

. . . and yes those are my wind chimes.  I thought it would catch the thunder that accompanied the grauple rain.

About 30 minutes later, the grauple did turn to fine snow.  The whole event concluded by 6 pm, but the snow plows did not come through our subdivision until almost 8 pm.

This morning the temperatures are still below 30 degrees and there is NO thawing.  I have seen years where snow fell in April before, but it typically is gone within 24 hours.  I question when this winter will finally fade away and true spring arrives.

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