Prepping for meals ahead

Yesterday was mid-week, you know the feeling–Wednesday or Hump Day.  I had chores to do and just kept moving from one thing to the next.  Some days are like that, you know.

Anyway, I decided one chore was to prepare some of the meat I had picked up at our local grocery store Tuesday morning (they restock the fruits and veggies early in the morning).  I found some 93% lean ground beef as a manager’s special, so bought all they had–3–in the cooler.  They also offer some deals of various cuts and pro


93% lean ground beef & sausage ready for browning

ducts that cannot be ignored:  5 for $25.00. 

So this morning, one of the first things I did was pull out the skillet and start browning meat.

I am not sure where I read this suggestion, but for well over 20 years, I have used one ingredient on my store bought meats–powdered garlic or chopped garlic.  Tucked in my memory is the statement that the garlic kills the bacteria that sometimes develops around the grinders and blades in the butchering process.  Therefore, in goes the meat and on top goes garlic, veggie pepper and onion powder.  My standard mix of spices to which I can add later when I continue the final dish.

Meat seasonings

The Tupperware shakers are always at my fingertips and in proper order: garlic powder, veggie pepper, and onion pepper. No labels, but the nose knows.

I probably should do some research and find out how garlic works, but I can testify that  ailments are rare in our home.  Even when the kids were in school, they just never seemed to bring home “The Bug.”  I keep thinking there must be something to the garlic memory stored in my memory.

But there is something about prepping meat and storing it away.  As I finished up the


A new brand of sausage, but I figured I could add more sage like the one I usually try to buy. Sadly my usual one was not offered in the 5 for 25 offer.

ground beef, drained it, I started the second pan, the sausage.While the sausage browned, I started packaging up the ground beef.  My daughter convinced me that a food keeper was smart, and it certainly does help on these projects.  I got the beef done just in time to drain the sausage, clean the pan, and then package the sausage.

Finished prep

Ready for use: ground beef and sausage into the freezer, dated and labeled.

Wednesday continued to be filled with odds and ends as Hump Days seem to do.  But when I was done prepping the meats, there was a sense of peace and even pride, that I was thinking ahead.

Browning meat is not high tech, nor really a skilled cooking technique, but there are at least seven meals packaged and ready to go.  Who knows what the final meal will be–spaghetti, pizza, biscuits & gravy, hamburger soup, gumbo, Sloppy Joes/juicyburgers, or a skillet stroganoff.  The key is that the meat is ready and I am prepared to throw together a meal in just a few minutes.

The secret of the garlic powder?  I cannot tell you the news story that I heard so many years ago, but I know that we have weather many flu, intestinal flu bugs that have swirled around us.  I am afraid to not use the garlic powder at this point.  But maybe, just maybe somebody else will know the science behind it and confirm my practice.

My Wednesday went into the history book, but the freezer holds answers to some of the future.  Prepping ahead in the kitchen can be a metaphor for prepping many other facets of our life.  Seems to me that is what going to church is, too.  It prepares us for whatever lies ahead.  Just saying. . .

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