Americans: Happy Birthday! Happy 242nd!

Dear Americans,

I just wanted to wish you a happy birthday.  I know getting older sometimes makes us want to skip a birthday, but let face it–no one really wants to be ignored on their birthday.

This year it is difficult to celebrate, I know, because the America we have today has developed into a “happy July $ rather than a July 4.”  Just look at that, the dollar sign is a capped 4.  Rather ironic, isn’t it.

America today does not seem to reflect the face of the America in 1776.  A time when unjust taxing and a monarchy-style government did not meet the needs of the Americans living in an entirely different setting facing different challenges than those leading across the Atlantic.

Today’s America does not seem to be reflecting the images that founders developed in the Declaration of Independence read on July 4, 1776, nor the United States Constitution approved in 1787.

What makes America great is not the dollar sign currently driving decisions, rather it was people.  The foundations of this country were built on individual freedoms, on a representative form of democracy, on a government that was kept balanced through the checks and balance.

This July 4–not July $–needs to keep the focus on celebrating the very principles that our founding fathers established in these two documents.  Each government official needs to read each of these documents carefully and then evaluate each decision, each vote, through those two filters.

Each voter must consider who they elect, what they approve through the filters of the Declaration of Independence and the US Constitution.

Each educator needs to make sure that students are introduced to these principles and taught them.

Each immigrant that arrives to make their lives American, need to study these documents and then proceed to become voting citizens who have adopted the principles our founding fathers designed (immigrants who do proceed to earn citizenship do have to pass a test that far exceeds the required tests for students in the public school system).

So happy July Fourth, Americans.  Stand proud, but remember your responsibilities.  Then celebrate.

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