Prepping for holiday baking

Over the weekend I stopped at a favorite baking source.  The Dutch Bakery in Tipton, Missouri carries so much more than most stores.  When holiday baking is around the corner, I knew it was time to restock–and did I ever!

Then I discovered a new spice store, Prezy’s Spices at Boone’s Landing in Chesterfield, Missouri.  More supplies came home with me.  Admittedly a few items were on my daughter’s shopping list, too, but obviously I am ready: 

Holiday baking supplies.

Picking up the supplies did not seem like such a big idea until I got home and started trying to put them away.  Prepping for holiday baking suddenly added a new task–cleaning out the cabinet.  You can see what I mean:

Prepping for baking means cleaning out the old for the new.
The only way to do it right is to empty it first.

Funny thing about tasks like this it that it seems to multiply.  After getting one emptied and restocked, I realized that some were too old to keep and others needed to be moved to a new location.  That meant cleaning a second cabinet out.  But, the end result is always worth the effort:

Everything put away, and now I am really ready for the baking season.

As much as I enjoy working in the kitchen and have fun trying out something new, the sense of accomplishment when a task is done is tremendous.  I wonder why we tend to put off and put off a task like this when the end result is so rewarding.

I admit the table still has a few things left on it for my daughter to look through, but I am ready for the holiday baking.

Holiday baking is a gift.  It smells delightful while something is cooking.  The taste is a delight–usually unless something interrupts and you fail to hear the timer go off or forget to keep stirring a pot that sticks easily.  

Then there is the delight when others get to enjoy that special recipe that reminds them of years past or a recipe made by a grandmother or mother who no longer is present.  These are the priceless rewards for the effort of holiday baking.  

So I am ready.  Bring on the holidays and prepare the taste buds.  Holiday baking begins now.

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