Update for Snicker’s Doodles aka Snickersdoodles

Maybe I should explain the name for my blog.  I have a cat, Snickers, as is noted in my avatar.  I began serving as a local licensed pastor for the United Methodist Church almost five years ago.  When I began thinking about blogging, the suggestion for the title came up.  Thank goodness, because I do enjoy the connection.

I have a 2-point charge in Missouri, and during the week I teach in an alternative high school program.  Never a day goes by that there isn’t something interesting or surprising.  Quiet days are not very frequent in my world.

My days are busy, but whenever I can I like to add a little knitting.  Nothing too fancy, but I am trying to move up my skill level.  I love the colors and the textures, esp. the cotton, bamboo, silk, and mixes with those fibers added.

Thank you to those who are following my posts.  If you ever have comments, I am always interested in ideas or additional knowledge.  If you post a comment, I will do my best to reply.  I have so much I would like to post, but time between the two jobs and the basics of living let my mind post more than my fingers do.  May you find value in God’s words which I share.


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