Enough is enough!

Recently the news surfaced in our community that someone had killed three deer:  a buck, a doe, and a fawn.  This is at least two months after deer season and was just simply unnecessary.

As if that was not enough, someone took one of them and left it on top of a college student’s truck hood.

Enough is enough!

The shooter needs to be found and held accountable for this horrible crime.  Those of us who live in this community around Pertle Springs, university property with spring-fed lakes and woodland, revel in the surroundings.

The loss of the deer is enough of a problem, but that is just part of the crime–out of season hunting, firing a gun inside city limits, vandalism, misuse of game, firearm on university property, maybe even night-time hunting.

Enough is enough!

Since the news broke of this senseless killing, the deer have been frightened.  I thrill seeing the deer as I drive to and from work.  Now, I have not seen any even though their hoof prints are scattered over the recent snow.

Enough is enough!

Justice is needed, but also anyone who knows of this horrible behavior needs to tell the officials.  Our community needs to know that we are safe, including the animals inside the city’s limits.


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