Snow Day #5.5

We are no where near the Northeast and their record for snow this winter, but here we go again.

Today is one filled with anticipation.  The mist is icing, the roads treated, the parking lots icy, and the text alert came–school is letting out early due to the weather conditions.

As a teacher, snow days are secret blessings for many; yet snow days create nightmares for curriculum development.  Teachers also see major problems with snow days:  lack of student focus, disruption of routines, no school work done while out, rebuilding classroom structures, reviewing content that is now days cold, and the list continues.

As a parent, I know the snow days cause problems, too.  What about child care?  What about lunches?  What about boredom?  Maybe one of the questions should be what about fun?

Since the advent of electronic games and the increase concern for safety out on the streets, young people are inside not outside.  The emphasis on 60 minutes of sun loses on snow days.  The cold, the elements, the lack of appropriate outdoor clothing and little supervision is more a formula for trouble than FUN.

Snow day #5.5 cannot be changed.  The weather is what it is, but how we manage it is the key.  As long as everybody is home, safe and dry, then #5.5 will come and go.  Tomorrow–well that may be snow day #6.0.  Let’s learn how to have a sixth day of fun.



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