Snow Days continue

The snow started here in Warrensburg at 6:15 am.  The radar keeps showing the snow creeping more and more north.

I have to admit that I feel like a kid.  I came home yesterday thinking it was worse to risk driving on ice than going out and restocking the shelves when I could easily manage until Wednesday or Thursday.  Then the forecast said we could be days in our homes.

Therefore, this morning I got up and watched the early morning news, looked outside and decided there was nothing else to do but get outside and run to the store.  As I left, just a thorough dusting, as I returned an hour later almost an inch.  And the snow continues.

I guess it was a bit silly, but I had so much fun being out in it.  The snow is pretty.  The wind is ominous.  The snow it coating everything–including those mounds of greying snow from about 10 days ago.

So here is snow day #7 in my teaching world, but my home world is delightful.  I doubt that any groundhogs will even try to get out tomorrow.  We are still deep in winter, and we may long for spring sunshine–but don’t forget to see the beauty of the day, the snow day.

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