Missouri Annual Conference Review

AC report 2013

This attached Power Point is today’s service.  Our lay delegate prepared and presented the service and summarized the conference experience while using a full-fledged program including scripture and music.  This is a first for the smaller churches in my appointment.  Thanks for the effort.


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3 responses to “Missouri Annual Conference Review

  1. Candy

    Susan, this is a cute video of Cap’n Crunch, but surely this was not the video you meant to post?

    • snickersdoodles

      Ok, so I am not such a great techie. I went back in and checked the post. No connection to my file, so I have reposted it. I hope it is correct now. By the way, I could not even find the Cap’n Crunch video you saw.

  2. Candy Daniel

    Well, later determined that this site runs ads and apparently I watched an ad. Still haven’t figured out where the powerpoint is. LOL so guess I am not that tech savey either anymore.

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